Mrs. Ruprekha Bharti
Chairperson , CKCSA

Chairperson's Message

Dear Students,

Today You are standing at this point of life from where a proper decision taken by you can give a new wings to your dreams and you can fly your flags to the highest peak of success. Every youth should have a purpose in life and this precious life should have a dream, a vision and a clear goal to make sense of this precious life. Former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam used to say – “The youth of India should have a dream and dreams are not those which we see while sleeping, but dreams are those which do not let us sleep.

All such successful people of the world, who made new inventions and provided new ideas to this world, they also had their dreams. Aristotle, Newton, Roger Bacon, Thomas Alva Edison, Graham Bell, Einstein, Martin Luther, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Ambedkar, Kalam There are many such examples Those who saw a dream, fixed the goal and then struggled and worked hard day and night to achieve that goal, the result of which is in front of you. Great personalities made new records of success and became immortal in history, in the same way your life should also have a purpose, you are unique, God has not created any other human being like you. Set a Dream, a vision, and goal, struggle in the right direction, work hard, and try, success is waiting for you by to bow down, success will kiss your feet.

Dear participants, your dream shoul be big, your aim should be high because "the higher the person sets his goal, the higher the person sets his goal, the higher his arrow goes". Making a career in the field of civil service is such a great dream. But to make this dream come true, you have to be determined, true dedication, hard working, patience and courageous in mind.

सफलता उन्हें मिलती है, जिनके सपनों में जान होती है।
पंखों से कुछ नहीं होता, हौसलों से उड़ान होती है।।

If you have true dedication, hard promise and determination in the mind and continuous efforts are made in the right direction to achieve the goal, then no task in the world is difficult.The world conqueror Napoleon has also said, "Nothing is impossible. The word impossible is found in the dictionary of fools."

Guidance plays a huge role to get attractive career like Civil Services (UPSC BPSC and other State PCS). We and our institute Careerकंचन Civil Services Academy took this initiative To guide you, to hone you, to motivate you, to develop your personality, to prepare you for civil services examination and to make you an officer.Career Kanchan is not just a coaching institute but it is a mission, a movement, a gurukul, a dream project.

Poor, rich, studied in government school or studied in convent school, Hindi and English medium, here every student is special and there is no focus on anything other than success in the examination. Here, by giving individual attention to each student, their creative potential is raised.Making every student special by resorting to latest teaching techniques like lectures, writing exercises, mock tests, seminars, revision and enquiries of previous classes, test series, quiz competitions etc.So that they can easily answer the questions asked in all kinds of turns in the examination and can set the flag of success in the examination.

So let's get ready and jump into this battlefield of pen and paper. In the coming year or two, you will be an IAS/Officer, you will be the leader of the country, the world will be in your grasp. But for this you have to work. You have to labourious. Because "there's no substitute for hard work." You have to come forward. Not relying on luck and God, but you have to take the initiative yourself. Because it is said-"Don't sit on trust of God, do you know God is sitting on your trust."

कर्म प्रधान विश्व करि राखा,
जो जस करहिं तो तस फल चाखा।

सकल पदारथ है जग माहीं।
कर्म हीन नर पावत नाहीं।।

So in this karma-dominated world, do your karma. Luck will 100% support you and I will guide you, in this Kurukshetra, you become Arjuna, I will always be with you by becoming Krishna in the form of charioteer. Illuminate the whole world by lighting the lamp of self-knowledge like Buddha.

अप्प दीपो भव!

In wishing you success-
Career Kanchan Family
Career कंचन
Civil Services Academy

Devi Sthan, Brahmasthani Lane, Pillar No-68, Raja Bazar, Near IGIMS, Bailey Road, Patna-14,


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Salient Features:
  • Small batch size.
  • Doubt Session.
  • Rapid Revision session to have a quick review of your preparation.
  • Precise and updated study materials according to latest trend.
  • Blend of excellent Faculty members and management staff.
  • Regular assessment test/ test series.
  • Library.
  • Preparation of other exams like BPSSC, NTPC.
  • Accommodation Facility.

We have all the basic and advance amenities to impart quality education/knowledge to our students.

Candidate who have been success in life.